Affordable DIY Home Renos

Posted by Carey Eckert on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 1:09pm.

Affordable DIY home renos

Have you just purchased a fixer-upper? Maybe you're enjoying a long-time family home, picking up an investment, or ready to move and looking for ways to improve your home valuation. Well, there's a bounty of different kinds of affordable DIY home renos to take your investment to the next level! Even for those with little DIY skills, many updates can be done by beginners with the right instructions and advice from experts at your local home stores.

Budget friendly renovations can be done year by year, one room at a time, or all at once if you have the finances in the place. Here is a list of some quick and easy home renos that can help position your home for style and comfort and be enjoyed by your family, or another, in the years to come.

1. Update The Bathroom

You don't have to undergo a major bath reno to update this room in the house that is often a big selling point for prospective buyers. Easy DIY projects can spruce it up and make it look more contemporary on a small budget. Paint the walls and trim, but make sure to remove the mildew beforehand, for a fast new appeal.

Update the sink and vanity with new faucets to really bring value to the investment, or stick to the basics and update the accessories with the wide selection at your local hardware store. A new tile floor can be done on a budget with the right options that, depending on size, can be completed under a few hundred dollars. For super creative types, make a pebble shower floor!

2. In The Kitchen

There are many easy ways to make a big impact when you renovate on a budget. Minor kitchen up-dos can include a new durable paint coat, replacing cabinet doors with modern glass fronts, or new ceramic floor tiles that come in a vast array of designs ranging in prices and starting as low as $2 a sq/ft. If you have small counter space it's worth looking into granite; prices have become much more affordable over the years starting at as little as $40 a sq/ft.

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3. Renew With Green

Easy home renos

Updating your homes fixtures with energy savings devices can be a great perk for prospective homebuyers. From more affordable updates like low-flush toilets or low flow shower heads, to higher priced solar panels, there's lots of easy home renos ready to be explored that can make your residence stand out and save money.

Recently LA County approved a new residential energy efficiency HERO program that will help homeowners finance green upgrades from solar to high efficient windows, doors, roofing and insulation.

4. Your Living Room & Foyer

There's endless inspiration for renovations on a budget featured on Pinterest, with creative updates like building your own wood wall finish to give a room a cool update on the old 70s wood paneling.

Try a smaller plank wall for a twist on the standard entryway with a small cost of $100. Turn a dull wall into a masterpiece with DIY built-in cabinets. Paint can be the cheapest way to bring new life to a well-worn living room, and look into updating fixtures here as well, like the ceiling fan or hanging lamps.

5. Exterior Landscapes

Exterior home landscaping

Do you want to add curb appeal? Spending some money with the help of a professional landscaping service or local garden and landscaping company can give you a range of options for revitalizing up your outdoor living space.

Easy ways to make an impact on your own include a paint job, garden clean up, updated shutters or adding window boxes, covering exposed concrete foundations with faux stone, brick or wood, painting the electrical box and piping the same color as the house, and adding molding to the front entrance or a different color paint (like red) to the door.

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